Special Services

If you charter an aircraft, your trip should be organized to the last detail. You don’t want to leave anything to chance, ensuring that everything is taken care of from start to finish. That’s why you prefer to charter your aircraft at Global Aviation.

privejet verhuur service

Private Jets

The most important part starts after the flight is booked: the fine-tuning.
That is the main task of our ‘Delight managers’. They are experts at providing the best comfort possible: the magazines you would like to enjoy, which wine you prefer with your exquisite lunch, and what your children would like to eat with their croissant. You will definitely not have to request anything a second time. That is what we call SERVICE.

Group Travel

Of course, if a crew change takes place in Nigeria, the main goal is to make sure the flight departs and lands on time. In those cases, the bells and whistles are unnecessary.

However, if you’re traveling with clients to Lapland for example, or taking press on a trip for the presentation of a new product, then you’ll want to ensure that everything is arranged down to the last detail in order to impress your guests.

We truly arrange everything for you, from the moment you arrive at the airport, on board, until the moment you leave the airport at your destination. To make sure everything goes according to plan, a representative of Global Aviation will be present if you depart from the Netherlands or Belgium. We can even accompany you on your flight, if you so desire.

Privejet verhuur
speciale diensten vliegtuig verhuur
Everything is arranged for you onboard the aircraft and also at the airport. We provide many extra’s including:
  • Printing of headrest covers / luggage tags / menu cards with your logo
  • Personal welcome message by the crew
  • Catering tailored to the needs of the passengers
  • Departure from VIP-lounges
  • Buffet at the airport of departure
  • Flight guidance/hostess service for the entire trip
  • VIP valet parking
  • Bus transfer
  • Limousine service
  • Happy Landing Service (flowers/gifts on arrival)
  • Arranging everything according to your specific needs…
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