“Wij hebben echt genoten van de verzorging en de goede vlucht die
wij gisteren mochten ontvangen. Alles was vanaf het begin tot dat
wij in Rotterdam landen prima verzorgd, dus je heb niets te veel gezegd,
dat wij wel eens verwend konden worden om zo te reizen.”

A summer holiday by private jet? That’s holiday within a holiday!

Imagine… searching for “Long Term Parking”, waiting for the transfer to the departure hall, long queues for check-in, waiting for the plane for two to three hours, delays, customs and an excruciatingly long transfer from the airport!

No, thanks! Global Aviation has a different idea of a holiday! We prefer first class catering, drinks, VIP lounge, your favorite magazines, the latest film and… arriving at the airport just 15 minutes before departure!

prive-jet voor vakantiereizen

What is a vacation with a private jet like?

Your holiday trip with a private jet starts with the promise that you are not going to be hauling your luggage around, that you step out of your car into an air-conditioned VIP lounge, that you enjoy a bite from the buffet, have a drink to go along with it and then, when you’re good and ready, board your private jet. During the flight, you can enjoy a movie with your family, read a book, play a game with the kids, and have a drink or something to eat; or try to guess how many people are inside that commercial aircraft that may be flying below you!

You tell us: summer or winter?

When your private jet arrives in a Spanish or Turkish costa, Cannes or St. Tropez for example, there is no need to worry about your luggage. We’ll take care of that! While you’re leisurely finishing your onboard activities and preparing to disembark, your belongings will already be in the car, which is waiting to take you directly to your hotel, beach house or cottage.

prive-jet voor vakantiereizen
prive-jet voor vakantiereizen

A holiday charter with privileges, luxury and personal attention!

A holiday charter with privileges, luxury and personal attention!
Why does a holiday with Global Aviation start before departure? Because holidays are always about personal attention! That’s why we are ready to cater to your needs before, during and after the flight to your holiday destination, so there is nothing left to be desired. And oh yes! Don’t forget to inform us about your pet’s favorite snack because of course we’re not leaving him or her at home! Naturally, your pet is allowed to join you in the cabin. And one more thing! All of these conditions also apply to the winter holidays to St. Moritz or Gstaad for example, except in those cases ‘hot’ is ‘cold’ and vice versa!

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