"Alles prima verlopen en een perfecte service.
Bedankt voor de goede zorgen."

Private jets for business travel

Business travellers use private jets for various, often functional, reasons: to save time, to be well rested for that important meeting, to make a direct flight without delay or to be able to quietly prepare an important appointment;

and all of this surrounded by quality service to make your journey as productive as possible, but above all, very enjoyable and comfortable.

zakenreizen per privejet

Business travel is work, and that requires flexibility

Your meeting has ended earlier than you had planned, or worse, it has run much longer than anticipated. You don’t have to worry about whether you can make that next flight because we will wait for you, and provide a snack, drink, or something a bit more substantial if your schedule allows this. That’s how you travel on a business jet, in peace and quiet, from about 2,000 (including regional) airports in Europe. The car, with driver (or, if necessary, a private helicopter), is waiting at the airport to bring you directly to your destination. Global Aviation arranges everything for you. And we have been doing that for 26 years!

The advantages of a corporate private jet … priceless!

Returning home on Friday afternoon, well rested and content, ready for a weekend with your family… priceless! A scheduled flight would probably have deprived you of your weekend, your good mood and a lot of valuable time. Three appointments a day, combined perfectly and adjusted to any unexpected change that might occur, without having to stay overnight… priceless!

Private jets for business travel
Private jets for business travel

Business travel by private jet should be comfortable and efficient

‘Time is money’ is a frequently used, but still valid saying. The business world lives by it, which makes efficient and comfortable business travel, in a world that gets ‘smaller’ every day, a very significant factor.

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