They are suitable for shorter distances and have the great advantage of being able to use short runways.

Light Jets are the smallest jet-powered. They can use short runways and can accommodate up to four passengers.

Ranging from 4 to 8 seats on board, the small jets have a very favorable price at full occupancy.

With standup cabin of about 1.85m, and the possibility of hostess service onboard, it offers optimum comfort.

Wide body aircraft with all the luxury and comfort one could wish for. Most are equipped with beds on board.

Standard aircraft for group travel. There is always an aircraft that suits your group size.

If you are with a large group, the Airliner is the right aircraft for you.

Our ambulance aircraft can repatriate patients anywhere in the world in a foreseeable time.

From small packages up to loads of 120 tons, Global Aviation offers a suitable solution for each type of cargo.