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Hi Stephan and Dieuwertje,

How super the trip went, really a party. Top crew and top service. We were all impressed.

Thanks for everything and have a great weekend.

Greetings Chris

Dear Stephan

Thank you for the excellent service regarding my daughter and wife’s flights to Tenerife.


Hi Stephan,

Yes indeed, turned out very well. Top service, thanks!

Dear Stefan,
We get nothing but rave reviews. Everything was right and the service was super. Thanks for helping to make my birthday special.
If we need you for a 2-t or 4-t sometime, what planes do you have on offer.
We will hear from you.

Dear All,

On behalf of my boss and his guests, I would like to thank you very much for the perfectly arranged flights and the service provided during the hunting flights.

I would also like to thank you again for the pleasant cooperation to make everything run as smoothly as possible!

Hi Rachel,
This is the company I always book charters with, for 10 years now.
Very satisfied, great service, always helpful and very price competitive!

Good luck,


Yes absolutely, great flight extremely relaxed.
Friendly lady on board nice food etc etc.
So all very well organized.


Good afternoon, we have arrived. Everything was top ! Thank you. Maggy, Linda and the dogs.

Hi Karin,

Wanted to email you indeed. Everything went to your complete satisfaction. Thank you very much for the good service.

I will have the invoice paid.



You beat me to it…….
It was absolutely great………
Thanks for this and if we need you again I will let myself be heard again.


Dear Karin,

More than satisfactory, absolutely perfect!
We are more than satisfied and will definitely use you again.

Thank you very much!



Dear Stephan,

Through this I would like to thank you and your team very much for arranging our air trip to Turkey.
The trip went fine, nice plane, friendly crew and good catering.
Also thanks for the phone support on the return trip, which eventually allowed us to leave even earlier.

Hi Stephan,

Just spoke to Kitty Hijmans.
All praise, everything was well arranged and they are very satisfied!
Thanks for the nice pictures you have sent and many thanks also to Karin for everything you have arranged!

Kind regards,

“Thanks again for arranging last Sunday’s flight.
Top crew. Nice plane.”

“Job accomplished !!

Thank you for the support for the charter flight in such a short notice and all the hard work over the week-end !
We were very grateful that the permits could be obtained so quickly and we were very thankful for the immediate return flight.
It has been great pleasure working with Global Aviation on this assignment. Thank you very much for prompt support … it was outstanding !!”

A scratchy lady!

82 she was, “Still strong and Alive,” when she thought of taking her friends out for another fine weekend. The goal? A beautiful hotel in Evian, France, on the beautiful Lake Geneva. But despite her vitality, she did look forward to a long trip. Well, after all, we wouldn’t be Global Aviation if we didn’t make the trip at least as enjoyable as their stay.
A car with driver … of course, to take the ladies to a private jet terminal at Schiphol-East. While enjoying a nice glass of champagne, we landed with the scratchy party a short time later at Geneva airport, only to drop them off by helicopter a little later on the hotel’s helipad. A wonderful weekend with a nice outlook, … after all, they had to go home again sometime!

“Top flight beautiful crate super service!!!
Gr and until next x”

“The trip went super. Special to do this like this with the kids!”

“It was an excellent experience, definitely worth repeating.”

500 staff to Sicily, all at once!

A manufacturer’s anniversary trip. Destination: Sicily, and all staff members – 500 in number – were allowed to come along. Yes, and then of course you prefer to keep everything together, because such a party starts with us even before departure. Global Aviation chartered a Boeing 747 from the French company Corsair, because they could all fit in there. But of course, such a fun trip only becomes a real party for your employees when you fall from one “Ooohh” into another “Aaahh. That started – before departure – with a great buffet at the airport. On the beautiful Italian island, an incentive agency had organized a spectacular party with renowned artists. If you want to impress, everything has to be right and you have to treat all your guests like VIPs. After three days the group set foot on Schiphol Airport again, very satisfied.

Rushed back to the Netherlands

One day Global Aviation received a call from a relative of a patient. At his vacation destination, the patient had suffered a heart condition and was admitted to the hospital. However, the patient wanted to be transported to the Netherlands as soon as possible for further treatment as he did not have much confidence in the local medical facilities. His insurance company did not want to transport him so Global Aviation was called in. After approval of the attending physician, the patient was transported to the Netherlands the very next day.

The fairy tale of the princess … with 20 suitcases!

Once there was a beautiful princess from Qatar, who liked shopping in Europe very much. Several capital cities were her preference. And so they called Global Aviation to charter a private jet for her. Global Aviation arranged a beautiful Falcon 2000, a luxury twin-engine jet for 10 people, with extra cargo space, because the princess had big plans.
As is a princess’ custom, her plane was ready for departure, nicely on time, fully fueled and well stocked, when it was learned that the luggage was a little more than planned. 20 Suitcases had to go, and not the smallest we were told! The suggestion by us to immediately change the aircraft to a slightly larger type was a bit too much for even them. The result was that the princess and her purchases were temporarily separated by air and road transport, but in the end everything turned out all right! As it should, … right?

The Chamber of Commerce…talk about loyal customers!

Global Aviation has been arranging for 16 years!!! flights for the Chamber of Commerce to CeBIT, one of the most important ICT trade shows in the world. What started with an 8-passenger Piper Navajo Chieftain, we grew along in those 16 years to 180 passengers in an Airbus A320. Each year the passenger list grew larger and each time we were able to find the right aircraft to go with it. A great example of the aircraft Global Aviation can provide for you.

Piper Navajo Chieftain – 8 passengers, Beechcraft 1900D – 18 passengers, Fokker 50 – 50 passengers, BAe 146 – 95 passengers, Boeing 737 – 148 passengers, Airbus A320 – 180 passengers!!!

Unmatched service, every moment of the day!

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