Crew change, also at ‘impossible’ locations

Your employees can sometimes be in places which are difficult to reach, such as an oil rig in the North Sea, a drilling vessel in Trinidad or in a small, remote airfield as Scatsta Airport in the Shetland Islands.

Scheduled flights only fly to a limited number of destinations in the world and usually not to the locations where your activities are taking place. These days there is always a possibility to get there, but don’t ask how!

crew change offshore

Crew change, oil platforms to disaster areas

We charter aircraft and helicopters for the replacement of your work team or crew, anywhere in the world. You can have your employees (or volunteers) flown to a central place in the world and we will arrange an aircraft to their final destination. This may relate to ship’s crews, international aid or a quick transport of rescue teams with dogs.

Transport of employees, even at unexpected times

Global Aviation ensures that your employees fly directly to the nearest airport. If desired, a connecting helicopter flight will be arranged. This can apply for a regular crew change, but also, for example, evacuation of your employees in a risk area due to the threat of war or a natural disaster. Global Aviation is accessible 24/7 – worldwide – especially if time is of the essence. Aircraft and helicopters can be reserved on standby basis so they can take off for you on demand, if necessary.

crew change offshore
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