Group and incentive travel

If this doesn’t motivate? An incentive trip with a private aircraft could be a good start (or end), to a great performance. So to do justice by that incentive, and to not leave anything to chance, a private charter flight in which everything is under your control would be a wise decision.

After all, you are the host! Therefore, you also determine the level of (extra) luxury because of flying by private aircraft is a reward in and of itself!

groeps en incentivereizen

A private aircraft for groups: for whom and what kind?

A successful incentive or group travel begins and ends with a perfect trip. With a private charter flight, everything is in your hands because you determine the departure time, airport of departure and destination, on-board catering, degree of luxury and more. Companies and governments charter their aircraft at Global Aviation for, among other things:

  • Group travel
  • Incentive travel
  • Business trips
  • Conferences and symposia
  • Sports travel
  • Crew change of offshore personnel
  • Product launches
  • Press and dealer trips
  • Transportation of staff (corporate shuttle)

Group charters with a private aircraft, pure bliss!

The handy ‘VIP Valet Parking’ allows your guests to be a little cheeky and park right in front of the door, leaving the rest to the others! Then they’ll go to a check-in desk reserved specifically for their flight, and afterwards they’ll head directly to the VIP lounge for food and refreshments. This feeling of indulgence reaches its peak when your guests finally board their luxurious private aircraft!

groeps en incentivereizen
groeps en incentivereizen

What more do you want?

The captain welcomes your guests on board with a personal message. On board, all your needs are met with luxurious in-flight catering, champagne or a fine wine. At the arrival gate in the Netherlands or Belgium your guests are presented with a Happy Landing Service, such as flowers or a gift of some kind.

Pre-and in-flight services

You can choose to upgrade and embellish your flying experience or stick to the default services. Our department ‘Pre-and In-flight Services’ takes care of all your specific needs.

groeps en incentivereizen
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