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A challenge? Recently a relation had to go to Lodz in Poland for a meeting. Within a ‘working’ day up and down! And that in a time of limitations regarding the number of scheduled services and all the current regulations. Just try to arrange this, Corona-proof and within this time, with any other means of transportation. Not to mention comfort and “work” efficiency. Because such a 2-hour meeting with standard means of transport can take as little as 2 days. In addition, in this day and age, people want to avoid unnecessary crowds as much as possible.

And then a private jet offers a solution:

  • You fly from an airport close to home, to an airport close to your appointment
  • You are at the airport in less than 5 minutes because you can board directly
  • When your meeting is over, we inform the pilot so you can leave immediately
  • You fly from special private jet terminals where you will not encounter large crowds
  • You and your party will be the only ones on board

Give it a try! So it’s going to be quite a challenge to come up with an alternative to an international, business trip with Home-to-Home transportation, taking into account all the added benefits. … Where may we take you?

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