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Business travel by private jet

A business trip by private jet will save you many hours compared to scheduled service.
And this is because of the following:

Private jet: departure from all (regional) airports
Scheduled service: mainly Amsterdam and Brussels

Private jet: short travel time to the (regional) airport
Scheduled service: Travel time depends on where you live

Private jet: “check-in time” 10 minutes before departure
scheduled service: check-in time 1 to 1.5 hours before departure

Private jet: from dedicated private jet terminals
Scheduled service: main terminal

Private jet: arrivals at all (approx. 2000) airports
Scheduled service: arrival mostly at larger international airports

Private jet: You fly back directly after finishing the meeting
Scheduled service: You wait for your next flight

Scheduled service: you wait for the plane
Private jet: the plane is waiting for you ……

Rotterdam – Londen – Rotterdam from € 5.500,-
Antwerpen – Londen – Antwerpen from € 5.000,-
Amsterdam – Nurnberg – Amsterdam from € 7.500,-
Brussel – Nurnberg – Brussel from € 6.900,-

* prices depend on availability, number of passengers, number of days and type of aircraft

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