Unmatched service, every moment of the day!

Business travel ... it really can be different!

A scheduled flight: “Off to the airport! Parking, checking in, waiting … and waiting. Then queuing for coffee and oh; we’re leaving a little later, just to call some people! And then the appointment runs late, will I catch my flight back today? Just get a hotel booked and have that flight (as well as my appointment tonight and tomorrow morning) changed?” Or are we going to do things completely differently?

Option 2: A private jet: Park car at Global Aviation in front of the door, get out immediately … and board, because your private jet is already waiting. Prepare your meeting at your leisure, with snacks and drinks of your choice. The car with driver (or a private helicopter if it’s a bit too far from the airport) is ready. Rested and sharp into the meeting and then – without stress, because no matter what time it gets, be taken back to the airport. Boarding immediately and while enjoying a glass of champagne and a few phone calls to celebrate your result and just passing on that you will be in time for the business dinner in the evening to talk through that great deal.

Just that time saving, that optimal preparation, that sharp negotiation and most importantly; that good and satisfied feeling of having made the most of it, … is priceless, right? So how it can be done, WATCH HERE!

Unmatched service, every moment of the day!

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