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Corona gives private jet rental boom

EINDHOVEN – Corona has completely punctured the ‘fixed’ bubble of private jet renters! Even as the world is rapidly reopening, demand remains extremely high! How can that be? Stephan van den Hurk of Global Aviation, aircraft rental company for both the private and corporate markets, does have an explanation. “It seems that Corona has opened their efficiency/commercial eyes to a large group of potential customers in addition to luxury!”

With 27 years of experience in this industry, he has never experienced this before. The (corona) necessity, coupled with commercial advantages such as huge time savings, stirred the market considerably. A normal meeting abroad via (appropriate) scheduled flights, with all the crowds and airport delays, turned out to be able to go from three full days to one working day. Intercontinental destinations remained accessible through the use of private jets. And along with the pleasant “side benefit” of luxury, this trend has also suddenly translated into a growing purchase of private jets.

In addition, Corona also greatly motivated all the benefits of private jet vacation flights. Avoiding crowds at airports, the safe feeling with only the family on board, prove to be important arguments. And because of the large fleet, from luxury private jets to large aircraft for group travel, there appears to be a suitable solution for every problem (24/7).

They are also proud to have the largest private jet on the Dutch market under their management. Watch this new Bombardier Global 5000 on video or take a quick look on board

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