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Brother Marcos has his jeep!

It took a while because of the miserable conditions there in Mozambique, but Brother Marcos finally has his jeep. And thanks in part to your contribution, he can again help the people, many of whom live in extreme poverty, there in the area. On behalf of Brother Marcos and the board of the foundation, their sincere thanks!

About the Salvadorian Family Adoption Foundation

The Salvatorian Family Adoption Foundation has been supporting families who are among the poorest in the world since 1980. They don’t look at religion or origin. They see only the person in need. They make sure children can go to school, help the elderly find their own sources of income and provide food and medicine. Everyone at this foundation is a volunteer, which helps them keep costs down. They are completely transparent: all donations go directly to the families or, in this case, to a replacement vehicle for the brother so he can get back to his work! But every donation always retains a voluntary choice.

Efficient and 100% honest

The foundation has a small board, which therefore consists entirely of volunteers. It has no offices and grants its donors the guarantee, that all their contributions will reach HUNDRED percent of the adopted families. Donations can be made to various causes.

An officially recognized ANBI

ANBI stands for Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling. This can be a charity, cultural or scientific institution. The government imposes conditions on an organization that wants to be an ANBI. An organization that meets these conditions receives the ANBI status. Among other things, one must publish its contact details, policy plan, financial data and current activities on an Internet address or make them available to the public through a publication portal, which in this way provides insight into the functioning of the foundation.

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