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Extraordinary flights in 25 years of Global Aviation

With family and friends to a wedding in Tuscany, thousands of soccer fans with many planes to the European Football Championships, the first private jet we purchased with a customer. With our wonderful product we experience special things. But it is also nice to spoil customers every day when they go on vacation.

A small summary of some notable events that have taken place over the past 25 years:


  • A client books a private jet for a surprise flight for him and his wife to Venice. Only after they land does his wife know they have arrived in Venice. The gondola was already waiting at the airport for a romantic start to a great weekend.
  • DJs spent months flying across Europe on a private jet for their summer tour. Daily they flew to Ibiza, Split, London, Brussels, Tenerife, Faro, Rimini, etc. Of course, the plane was stickered with name and logo.
  • Over the years we have assisted many clients in purchasing a private jet. From small Small Jets to large Large VIP Jets. A specialization that has increased tremendously at Global Aviation in recent years.
  • Also, in 25 years we have flown to the most extraordinary destinations including: Bora Bora (French Polynesia) , Kathmandu (Nepal), Quito (Ecuador), Hobart International (Tasmania), Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (Russia), Saint Barthélemy / Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (Caribbean), Kittila (Finland / Lapland) and Little Tubu Camp Airstrip (Botswana).

Group and incentive travel

  • A wedding in Tuscany. 90 guests, including the bride-to-be, set off from Rotterdam to Pisa. Everything was taken care of to perfection and of course the champagne on board was already cold.
  • European Championship/World Cup soccer in Portugal, Switzerland/Austria, Germany, etc. Thousands of fans were flown to the matches by dozens of planes. With private jets for the bobos and the fans with the larger Boeing and Airbuses. Even the Boeing 747 with more than 500 seats was used several times.
  • Crew changes to Siberia for the offshore industry were always a challenge due to the threatening weather conditions. With a 50-seater Regional Jet from Moscow to Siberia where we had helicopters of type MIL-8 ready to fly the passengers to a helipad on the coast.

Unmatched service, every moment of the day!

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