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Flights from Cluj and Iasi for Romanian seasonal workers

Global Aviation organizes regular charters from the Romanian cities of Cluj and Iasi for Dutch and Belgian growers and their seasonal workers.
Due to the discontinuation of scheduled services, Global Aviation is offering help by deploying an aircraft and allowing growers to book unloaded seats.

The next flight is scheduled for May 20 and flies from both Iasi and Cluj to Eindhoven Airport.
The price is EUR 350,- incl. 20kg luggage. Global Aviation also offers connecting transportation from the airport to the companies in the Netherlands and Belgium.

If you wish to use this service, please send an email to info@globalaviation.nl with the following information:

  • the number of persons
  • whether you wish to depart from Cluj or Iasi
  • your company data

You can also call us for more information: +31 88 888 6 111

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