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Group travel Lapland

4-Day Group Tour + Private Flight

Discover Finnish Lapland and unprecedented luxury

Enchantingly beautiful Lapland is the ideal setting for a fantastic four-day group trip with your business associates, boardmembers, employees or group of friends. Breathtaking nature, the very best amenities and once-in-a-lifetime activities make this trip a five-star wonder for everyone.

Everything will be arranged for your party down to the last detail. From private group flight to star hotel, transfers, dinners, and additional requirements. Together you will get to know the Lapp culture, the beautiful snowy plains, the magical Snowland (made entirely of ice) and fun group activities including reindeer, snowmobiles and rally cars. Everything for a special group experience.

Day 1: A warm welcome

Why wait to enjoy yourself until you reach your destination? After group check-in at Schiphol Airport, you will fly exclusively in a private plane to Rovaniemi, Finland. On board, your group will lack nothing except worry. Drinks of your choice, delicious snacks; you will be at your beck and call. You will always travel efficiently, safely, worry-free and very comfortably.

Upon arrival, you will be welcomed personally. We transport you to your hotel where you will dine and spend the night in luxury. But first make a small stop at a ‘Lappencamp’. Here you will receive a warm welcome by traditionally dressed rags with a drink by the campfire. The reindeer watch as the tone is set for the entire trip; these are going to be great days.

Day 2: Let the games begin

After breakfast you will depart by luxury coach for the ‘Olympic Stadium’ for your own winter games. After the hoisting of the flag (your logo?) you will compete in team competitions including ice golf, reindeer lassoing, tandem skiing and snowmobile riding. After the games, spend the afternoon driving reindeer sleds before returning to your hotel for some relaxation of your choice. Finnish sauna anyone? Once you have recovered, the next special treat is already waiting for you. Dine together at Snowland. This exclusive venue is rebuilt every winter and consists entirely of ice. Your restaurant is a beautiful igloo, your group will be amazed.

Day 3: Fantastic Finnish

Today your party will discover two fantastic Finnish pastimes. First, you will go ice driving on a specially constructed course on a frozen river. With various cars your driving skills will be tested; slalom, spinning, a rally course and riding as “co-pilot” with a real driver.

After lunch you will return to the hotel. In your room you will find the invitation and clothes (!) for a “lumberjack party. Together you will dine in a beautiful forest hut where you will imagine yourself in Finnish spheres by the decoration and service. Everyone gets his or her own Finnish name. We conclude the evening in the forest cabin with a game of nail hammering and log sawing.

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Ask for the possibilities

The above trip to Vienna is one of many possibilities. Do you already have a destination in mind? Each trip is tailor-made to your wishes. Interested in your own fully arranged trip? Request a customized quote right away.

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