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Group travel Rome 3-day group trip + private flight

Classic enjoyment in historic Rome

Would you like to surprise relations, employees or friends with an exclusive group trip that could go straight into the history books? We fly your group with a private plane to historic Rome. This city of cities is a true classic, but you have never seen Rome in such a special way. Three days of carefree luxury, fun group activities and, above all, magnificent buildings.
Together with your party, you will discover that Rome has much more to offer than classical antiquity. It is one of the trendiest and most versatile cities in Europe. So enjoy a top quality private flight with your group and be surprised by this European capital with the capital H of delicious.

Day 1: An impressive start

The group experience begins long before you set foot in Rome; the private flight. Enjoyment without stress, without long queues, without chaos, without crowds. At the airport you will have your own check-in desk and a luxury private plane is already waiting for your group. On board, you will be spacious and comfortable while you are carefree feted with delicious snacks and drinks of your choice. Before you know it, you will have landed and we will be chauffeuring you to Roman antiquity.

Day 1: Cultural Classics

Once settled in your hotel, guides will be on hand to take you back 2000 years in time on a discovery tour of Rome’s Old Town. You will visit the legendary Colosseum, the Roman Forum and many other cultural classics. After a top gastronomic dinner, the sun has sunk into the Tyrrhenian Sea and you will embark on a spectacular evening walk. Rome by Night is romantic, exciting and unforgettable. The view of the illuminated temples and structures is truly breathtakingly beautiful.

Day 2: Rushing through Rome

After a relaxing night and a good breakfast, get on your bike today. On a city tour with your own private guide, you will see Rome in a unique way. You will lave through the smallest streets, traverse beautiful alleys and feel the diversity of the city with its elegant shopping streets, churches, Roman ruins and magnificent Renaissance squares. And of course, we’ll stop every now and then for a fine refreshment like a good coffee or Italian scoop ice cream. After this bike tour, the next highlight follows later in the day; a visit to the church of churches, St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican. An official guide will lead you through this sacred monument and tell you all about its architecture, history and works of art.

An exclusive group experience with Premium Plus Service

Premium Plus Services is Global Aviation’s newest service. We have translated the luxury carefree flight you are accustomed to into fully catered private and group travel, including flight, accommodation and activities, fully customized. From romantic weekend in Venice to vacation in Ibiza, entrance and stay at Formula 1 in Monaco or city break in New York. Nothing is impossible. And luxury is included as standard.

Ask for the possibilities

The above trip to Vienna is one of many possibilities. Do you already have a destination in mind? Each trip is tailor-made to your wishes. Interested in your own fully arranged trip? Request a customized quote right away.

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