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Private jet as alternative Coronas problems

A safe alternative in hard times!

Due to the current Corona situation, several airlines are already canceling large portions of their flight route network. And this is understandable; safety and public health are paramount! But on the other hand, ordinary life inevitably goes on and our economy also continues to run. A healthy doubt confronts us with new choices. Do we go on vacation and postpone important business appointments?

A private flight offers a solution to ‘Corona’ problems!

Do you want to avoid large groups of people? Will you adjust or postpone your (vacation) schedule at the last minute in the event of acute changes? Would you like to avoid further cancellation of planned (home) flights? Then a private jet offers many advantages:

You fly from small private jet terminals and avoid large crowds at airports
You do not sit on board with 180 people but only with your own company
If you need to travel (on business) to a region to which scheduled services no longer fly, we will fly you to the nearest airport, possibly with personal transportation to your final destination.
Are you abroad in a new Corona area? Then we will fly you back the same day, if desired.
We can change the destination of your vacation at any time. Even shortly before departure.
Feel free to ask us about the possibilities, because we like to think with you … especially in difficult situations. Global Aviation is structurally (and 24/7) prepared for unexpected twists and adjusted flight plans.

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