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Private jet - Luxury, flexible and safe travel

A weekend trip to Paris, attending a meeting in San Francisco or sightseeing in Madrid? Rent a private jet and you can rest assured that your trip both there and back will be accompanied by optimal comfort and luxury! The fun starts right away, because: no long queues at the airports. You only have to be present 15 minutes before departure and you can enjoy the VIP lounge. Does private flying make you happy? Schiphol, Antwerp, Rotterdam Airport, Brussels and many other airports are on file from which Global Aviation’s private jets can depart. Especially for business, this can save you a lot of time!

And how about the flexibility of a private jet? Depart whenever you want to your chosen destination(s). In fact, you can also visit multiple locations in one day. This way, attending a meeting has never been so attractive. A private jet offers a solution for business travel as well as a pleasure trip. Moreover, it is also one of the safest ways to travel, both in Europe and intercontinental.

In this article we explain the exact advantages of a private jet and all the services that come with it. In addition, we give an example of a private jet and a brief indication of the costs. Take a look at all our private jets or request an instant quote.

At Global Aviation, anything is possible with luxury and flexibility

Being able to rent a private jet is perfect for a luxury weekend getaway or business, among other things. But did you know that Global Aviation has much more to offer? Below you can see all of Global Aviation’s services. Click on any of these services and you will be taken directly to the information of your choice.

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A private jet means flexible travel

One of the many advantages of traveling with a private jet is its flexibility. For example, do you need to attend a number of meetings that all take place at a different destination? Then opt for a business trip with a private jet, where everything is arranged down to the last detail. You are not tied to fixed flight times AND you only have to be at the airport 15 minutes before departure. A business flight with a private jet becomes very attractive! Are you at your destination airport? Then we make sure that a car with driver is waiting for you. So you can quickly reach your desired appointment. Back on board we take care of your snack and a drink. Great if you have had a long day. You ask, we arrange it.

With a private jet on winter sports
Have you ever thought of taking a private jet for winter sports? Because even then you benefit enormously from flexibility. Many ski resorts have small airports near your destination, where regular scheduled flights cannot get to. If you rent a private jet from Global Aviation, you can rest assured that we will land as close to your ski destination as possible. This way, you won’t have to travel longer than necessary and will have more time on the slopes.

Comfortable travel with a private jet
Comfortable travel is also guaranteed when you travel with a private jet. A private jet is suitable for business travel, but you can also easily go on vacation with a private jet. Even before you leave, the ultimate vacation feeling begins. There is no lugging of suitcases and no long waits at check-in counters: you only have to arrive 15 minutes before departure! Your vacation will also be even more comfortable because during the flight with your private jet you will not have any other passengers around you. In addition, you can specify your wishes about catering in advance and excellent service on board is a matter of course for us.

Safe travel with a private jet goes without saying

Of course, safe travel is one of our first priorities when flying with a private jet. We fly with reliable airlines and operators that meet all regulations and safety requirements. All the aircraft we hire are on a commercial license (AOC – Aircraft Operator Certificate). Moreover, only experienced pilots fly our aircraft and all our aircraft are excellently maintained. So you will always board your chosen private jet with peace of mind.

The extra services when renting a private jet
In addition to all the benefits that come with traveling by private jet, Global Aviation offers many more services. For example, where it is not included as standard on board, we offer cabin crew/stewardess service. They will give you and your fellow travelers plenty of personal attention. By the way, did you know that private flying with pets is also allowed with us? Your dog or cat can just come along in the cabin, a dog does not have to stay in the crate, for example. It is also possible to rent a private jet for just one day or several consecutive days. This allows you to visit multiple destinations during your trip.

Empty legs private jets
Another service offered by Global Aviation are the so-called empty legs private jets. “Empty leg” is an aviation term: an empty flight of a private jet that needs to be at a specific destination at a specific time and then flies there empty. If you communicate your travel destination to Global Aviation and desire an empty leg, we will see if we have one of these private jets available in our empty leg flight schedule. Most of the costs of these empty private flights are already settled at the other end and therefore the benefit of your empty leg flight can be up to 50%. Of course just with all the luxury, services and privileges you have come to expect from us.

Example of a private jet – The Falcon 900LX

Taking a private jet to New York, the Caribbean or Seychelles. Our Falcon 900LX makes this possible. This intercontinental private jet with ultra-luxurious living with year of construction 2015, is equipped with 8 separate seats, 2 couches and even offers 6 beds on board. Doesn’t that sound incredibly luxurious? The Falcon 900LX is a wide body private jet and has a range of 8800 km. As a result, the aircraft flies non-stop to intercontinental destinations. Here are the advantages of traveling with this private jet:

  • Total luxury. You sit in a “Royal” living room with comfortable seats. These are in club seating and not in a row behind each other. The sleeping area is separated so that everyone can retire for a while if they wish. The service also remains as you can expect from us.
  • Comfortable travel. Taking a private jet to an intercontinental destination is a long journey. Fortunately, the Flacon 900LX offers 6 berths, so you arrive at your destination rested and time flies.
  • Plenty of service. If you are flying a luxury private jet, then of course it comes with appropriate service. A flight attendant flies along to ensure that you lack nothing.
  • Culinary refreshments as desired. Especially during a long flight, it is nice to be able to eat what you find most delicious. It goes without saying that comfort, luxury and personal service are already included in the Falcon 900LX. But do you have additional wishes in terms of snacks and drinks? Your stay at your chosen destination will undoubtedly be fantastic, but also knowing that you will not lack anything on the outward and return flights will give you that extra bit of peace and quiet.

What does it cost to rent a private jet?

How expensive is a private jet? We are often asked this question. However, a private jet price depends on a number of factors. For example, your destination and what type of private jet you prefer. For example, would you like to take a private jet to Paris? Then one day with a light jet with 4 seats will cost you about € 6000. Hello Eiffel Tower and Champs-Élysées! If you want to go to London for 2 days in a private jet, the cost of an 18-seat Regional Turboprop will be €15,000. Of course, you can also take a private jet to Ibiza. Thrilling parties, idyllic villages, beautiful nature and the real cozy markets: 2 days here are certainly not enough. If you would like to spend 14 days on this island and travel by private jet, the cost for a Small Jet with 6 to 8 seats is approximately €23,000. Do you wish to fly into any of the other global airports? Various types of private jets and several more destinations with their corresponding indicative costs can be seen in the table below. We also have a separate article with all indications for renting a private jet.

Type privéjet Amount of seats Destination Number of days Price (indication)
Light Jet 4 Parijs 1 € 6.000,-
Light Jet 4 Stuttgart 1 € 7.500,-
Light Jet 4 Dublin 4 € 12.500,-
Small Jet 6-7 Venetië 3 € 14.000,-
Small Jet 6-7 Ibiza 14 € 23.000,-
Mid Sized Jet 6-8 Cannes 3 € 16.500,-
Mid Sized Jet 6-8 Malaga 7 € 32.000,-
Large Jet 10-14 Barcelona 3 € 35.000,-
Large Jet 10-14 New York 5 € 95.000,-

Private jet purchase

In addition to renting a private jet, it is also possible to purchase a private jet. For example, because you lose a lot of time if you fly a lot of scheduled flights. Or just because you like the idea of owning a private jet. Global Aviation can help you with this. We pay attention to:

  • Your personal preferences
  • Flight frequency
  • Destinations
  • Budget

We know the aircraft market and have good contacts with aircraft manufacturers, selling parties and specialized financing institutions. This will give you a clear understanding before you make your aircraft purchase. Of course, this also applies if you want to sell a private jet right. Because the aircraft market is bigger than you think!

Read more about buying a private jet here.

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Enjoying luxury, traveling flexibly and comfortably, and traveling with peace of mind: that’s Global Aviation. We have access to thousands of airports, so we can get to almost any destination you want. We also arrange the rest, so all you have to do is focus on your enjoyable trip and the destination. If you would like to know what renting a private jet costs, request a quote or choose a quick price quote.

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