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Privé vliegtuig huren – Voordelen en mogelijkheden

Private plane rental – Advantages and possibilities

Vacationing on a private plane: doesn’t that sound particularly pleasant? How about a VIP lounge, snacks, drinks and the latest magazines? Moreover, waiting for the check-in desk or the flight itself is absolutely out of the question! You only have to arrive at the airport 15 minutes before departure. No lack of flexibility either: you leave whenever you want for your desired destination. In addition to offering plenty of vacation fun, a private plane is also an excellent way to save time and money and show luxury to business relations. After all, you can prepare for your important meeting on the plane. And did you know that we also supply large aircraft for group travel and incentives? Think of company outings, flights for soccer teams or, for example, a crew change for the offshore industry.

In this article we explain to you the advantages of renting a private plane and the possibilities that come with it. Of course, you can also immediately view all our aircraft or request a quote.

Varied possibilities at Global Aviation

Besides renting a private plane for business, a vacation or incentive, for example, Global Aviation offers many more options. Check out all the services we offer here so you can easily find the information you need.

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What are the benefits of renting a private plane?

Renting a private plane brings many advantages. For example, you can depart from about 2000 (regional) airports in Europe and you only have to be at the airport 15 minutes before departure. If that’s not a relaxing start! You will travel in comfort, so you will not suffer from fatigue during and after the flight. Plus, you can do whatever you want during your flight and even have the option of visiting multiple destinations in one day.

Flexible travel with a private plane
Do you have a full schedule that requires you to visit multiple destinations in one day? Or would you like to make a short stopover? No problem, there are a lot of possibilities. With a private plane, flexible travel is a given. You are not bound to fixed times to fly and you are at your destination much faster. Upon arrival at the airport, a car with driver will be waiting for you immediately to take you to your (business) appointment, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about. It could also be that your meeting runs late or has ended early. Even then, renting a charter plane offers a solution. On board, your snack and drink are ready. Great if you have a long and strenuous meeting behind you.

Renting a plane means traveling in comfort
If you rent a private plane, you are assured of a comfortable trip. You can indicate in advance your wishes regarding the catering on board. You will avoid airport check-in and long waiting times, as you only need to arrive 15 minutes before departure. In addition, you will not have other passengers around you and you can work quietly or sleep when the time comes. So you can always be sure that you will arrive at your desired destination rested. What more could you want? In addition, excellent service on board is a matter of course for us, so that your travel time is enjoyable and comfortable and also seems shorter than it really is.

Traveling safely on a private plane

Safe travel is paramount when you rent an aircraft from us. We fly with the best aircraft and both before and after the flight, your own aircraft is well checked and neatly maintained. We employ experienced pilots who will ensure that you arrive at your destination carefree and safe. Moreover, you will have no fellow passengers to bother you.

Traveling with a private plane is economical

With a chartered plane, you save time and therefore costs. Because you can fly to an awful lot of destinations at almost any time, you avoid extra hotel stays. Moreover, there is room for several passengers, so you may be able to invite your business associate to travel with you. This also saves time: after all, you can already do some work together on the plane. If you are traveling for business with several people, the price per person is often very reasonable. Don’t count on low-cost fares, but don’t forget what you get in return for this price.

Empty legs
Did you know that renting a plane with pilot on empty legs is also possible? A so-called empty leg is a flight of a private plane that flies empty to its destination. Tell Global Aviation your travel destination and you can book a charter flight with all the luxury and service you can expect from us. Of course, we will first let you know when your desired flight fits into our empty lay flight schedule. Such a flight also brings with it many advantages: you sometimes pay up to 50% less than the regular fare.

Extra services plane hire
If you want to rent a plane, you will enjoy many advantages and also save costs in the form of time. In addition, Global Aviation offers a number of extra services. We offer cabin crew/stewardess service where this is not standard on board. This way your (business) relations will get even more personal attention, service and service. And did you know that your dog or cat are allowed in the cabin? You can rent a private plane for one day or for several consecutive days. This is handy, because it allows you to expand your travel area and visit several destinations in one trip.

Private plane rental for group travel

So there are plenty of benefits to renting a private plane for business or as a pleasure flight, for example. But there are also many advantages to using a private plane for other purposes. For example, a plane at Global Aviation is chartered for group travel, incentive travel, sports travel, conferences and symposia and trade show travel, among other things.

Group and incentive travel

The group you are taking – for example, your employees – will not be able to imagine a nicer incentive than a trip on a private plane! With the “Vip-Valet Parking parking” of group and incentive travel, everyone can park in front of the door and go straight to the check-in desk reserved specifically for the private plane package. Then they enter the Vip lounge for snacks and drinks. Pure indulgence! When your guests are back in the Netherlands, they will have had a wonderful experience and will be welcomed at the gate with a “Happy Landing Service”. Think of a gift, flowers or something else of your choice.

Group travel to a sporting event
A group trip to a sporting event is also fantastic to offer your (business) relations. You will have a perfectly organised flight at the desired time to the specified destination. For example, choose a soccer event, the Tour de France, Wimbledon or a Formula 1 race.

Aircraft hire for soccer match

For years, a soccer event – such as the World Cup, an important final or “just” a soccer match abroad – has been the most popular for a group or incentive trip. Combine this, for example, with the visit to a major city nearby and make your group trip complete. By the way, did you know that complete soccer teams charter their own plane with us?

Book a charter flight for the Tour de France
Not a soccer fan? Then opt for a group trip to France. Do for example the Tour de France, because France has a lot of airports, we can often land near a stage finish. Want to pamper your group? Visit a wine castle during your trip and stay overnight in a luxury chateau in the “Land of the Franks”.

Going to Formula 1 on a private plane

Every year the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix is again the main event in the month of May. If you want to go to this event, our private plane will fly you and your fellow travelers to Nice and upon arrival helicopters will fly your guests to Monaco. What a luxury! Or how about the Hungarian Grand Prix? Complete a group trip to Hungary with a visit to the multifaceted city of Budapest.

Ambulance and cargo flights also possible

What if you need to repatriate a group? Or if you have a cargo that cannot be transported on a standard scheduled cargo service? Even then, renting an aircraft offers a solution. For example, take advantage of our ambulance or cargo flight services. Let us take your biggest worries off your hands, we are happy to arrange it all for you. Door to door, bed to bed.

Ambulance flights
Global Aviation has a wide range of equipped flying ambulances suitable for different purposes and emergencies. The aircraft, medical team and necessary equipment are then tailored to the care required by the patient or flight. For example, to retrieve a sick employee from an outbreak country or an emergency medical flight for a patient to a specific hospital in a particular country. Of course, you can also use an ambulance flight to pick up vacationers who have broken a leg on a winter sports vacation, for example, or repatriation. In addition, you may want to go home as soon as possible if a family member suffers an urgent accident. Or you become seriously ill yourself. We will then arrange the ambulance to and from the airport and provide transportation for companions and accompanying family members.

Cargo flights

Do you have cargo with a certain content, hard-to-reach destination and/or little time? Then a usual cargo scheduled service may not meet your needs. Then Global Aviation’s cargo flights will come in handy. We offer the right aircraft depending on the specifications of your cargo. With nearly 25 years of experience, we have enough expertise in chartering cargo flights. We are a reliable partner of several international freight forwarders and government. We arrange not only the flight and additional obligations, but also among others:

  1. AOG services
  2. Express orders
  3. Remote or high-risk destinations
  4. Heavy and “extreme size” cargo
  5. Humanitarian assistance

Do you have a document so important that normal or digital airways do not meet your security requirements? Then you can seal it yourself and our cargo flight will leave – met all the security requirements you want – for its destination.

Renting a helicopter is also possible

Besides renting a plane for business purposes, the “fun”, as an ambulance flight or cargo flight, you also have the option of renting a helicopter. Our clients use a helicopter for various reasons such as sightseeing, events or time saving to get to a business appointment quickly. In recent years, clients chose a helicopter to:

  • Take a sightseeing flight in honor of an anniversary
  • Fly directly from the spot where their private plane arrived to the chosen accommodation
  • Fly across traffic jams to an appointment
  • As an offshore company, fly personnel to onshore and offshore helipads

What does it cost to rent a private plane?

What it costs to rent a private plane depends on where you want to go and what type of private plane you want to travel on. For example, if you want to visit the Great Wall of China and fly here, it will cost considerably more than if you choose to travel to, say, Istanbul in a private plane. To give you an indication: with the Cessna plane “Cessna Citation Mustang” you can travel in 1 day with 4 people from Rotterdam to Paris and back again for about € 6,000. If you choose a Regional Jet as your own plane to travel in 2 days from Geneva and vice versa, the cost for 50 passengers here is about € 30.000,- Read here all indications for renting a private plane.

Type privéjet Number of seats Destination Number of days Price (indication)
Light Jet 4 Parijs 1 € 6.000,-
Light Jet 4 Stuttgart 1 € 7.500,-
Light Jet 4 Dublin 4 € 12.500,-
Small Jet 6-7 Venetië 3 € 14.000,-
Small Jet 6-7 Ibiza 14 € 23.000,-
Mid Sized Jet 6-8 Cannes 3 € 16.500,-
Mid Sized Jet 6-8 Malaga 7 € 32.000,-
Large Jet 10-14 Barcelona 3 € 35.000,-
Large Jet 10-14 New York 5 € 95.000,-

More information

Renting an aircraft from Global Aviation guarantees luxury, flexible, comfortable and safe travel. With access to thousands of airports, we quickly find the closest airport that best suits the purpose of your trip. And we’ll take care of the rest. So all you have to do is focus on your trip and the destination. Request a quote or contact us right away for a quick price indication.

Of course, you can also request information without obligation via:

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