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Purchase private jet - The benefits and service of Global Aviation

A weekend in Cannes, day shopping in Berlin or up and down to New York in a few days. With your own private jet, this can be done faster than you think! Moreover, did you know that more and more entrepreneurs and companies are also exploring the possibility of buying a private jet? After all, the purchase has many advantages. For example, the aircraft is always available to you and you fly with your own pilots. You can also make the best use of your time.

Because there is a lot involved in buying a private jet, Global Aviation is happy to advise you. In doing so, we take a lot out of your hands during the purchase process, so you can focus on other priorities. Here you can read about the advantages of buying a private jet and how Global Aviation can help you.

Advantages of buying a private jet

Do you want to purchase a private jet, but just need that final push? Then we would like to convince you of the advantages of buying a private jet.

You decide everything yourself
If you own a private jet, you have everything under your own control. So you set:

  • The destination
  • Day of departure
  • Time of departure

entirely to your own liking.

In doing so, you always have your private jet at your disposal. And are you not using it for a while? Then you can always rent it out. This way, you will earn back part of the costs. See also an indication of the cost of purchasing a private jet.

Luxury seating
Of course, you decide how luxurious you want to fly. Among others, you can choose from small private jets with four seats, but Global Aviation can also help you purchase larger ones with at least ten luxury seats and beds on board.

Plenty of privacy
If you want to travel incognito, then a private jet is definitely the way to go. Your privacy is extremely important to us and you can even travel under a different name if you wish.

You travel in style
Do you have a good relationship with your business relations? Then you can maintain this bond with your own plane. That way, you can hold that one meeting in perfect concentration during a comfortable flight.

Purchase private jet and service from Global Aviation

You want to buy a private jet. But where should you start? Purchasing private jets is a real niche, because each owner has his own criteria. For example, do you only want to fly your private jet yourself or do you also want to be able to rent it out?

Global Aviation is happy to help you with all the choices you have to make. We have the knowledge, experience and contacts to carry out the entire process from operational advice to the commercial management of the purchase of your private jet. You hand over everything and we will make sure your needs are met.

Therefore, contact us soon and communicate your specific requirements. On the basis of these, we will give you a customized advice. We will also guide you through the negotiations with the selling party, taking into account your requirements and budget.

Once you have purchased your private jet, you can still expect excellent service from Global Aviation afterwards. For example, we ensure that you always fly professionally and safely. We are also always aware of how to maintain the maximum value of your private jet.

In action: the Bombardier Global 5000

In February 2020, the Netherlands could welcome the Bombardier Global 5000. This is – apart from our king’s private jet – the largest private aircraft in the Netherlands. We were allowed to guide the client who purchased this aircraft through the entire process. Among other things, we gave advice on the type of aircraft, the actual purchase and the selection of the crew. We also still handle the rental of this special aircraft.

Contact and further information

Do you want to purchase a private jet but are not quite sure which aircraft to choose? And are you curious anyway about what it takes to buy a private aircraft? Global Aviation is happy to be of service to you. We will help you with the purchase and take care of the management of your private jet.
Therefore, please contact us and we will give you detailed information about purchasing a private aircraft and price indications.
You can call +31 88 888 6 111 (NL) or +32 3 80 84 595 (BE).

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