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Surprisingly popular destinations 2021

It was a busy summer! Partly because of all the corona rules, it was an exceptionally busy time in the “private flying” sector. And that gave our top 5 popular 2021 destinations a few surprising changes. Getting out to one of those standout locations … and why there? Here’s what the top 5 looks like:

  • Olbia – This place in Sardinia is at the top of the list this year.
  • Ibiza – For years at No. 1 and now dropped to 2nd place. Because of the closure of the clubs? Probably not, because most of our guests who go to Ibiza rarely go to clubs.
  • Nice / Cannes – still very popular.
  • Greece – This year Greece is hugely popular. Obviously Mikonos but also the Peloponnese peninsula (so not only popular with the Royal family!) and many other islands.
  • Palma de Mallorca / Tivat / Zadar / Malaga / Faro and Florence – Destinations that we saw returning regularly last summer, as part of the 2000 destinations!!! in Europe that we fly to.

Want to know more about the how and why of these locations? We’d love to tell you. Feel free to contact us about the possibilities, possibly also in connection with all (European) covid measures. For detailed information also see our vacation travel page.

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