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Vacation in the sun with ultimate comfort?

How luxurious do you want it? Sani Resort, unique in Greece … and in the world. Golden sandy beaches on the crystal clear, azure waters of the Aegean Sea, with five internationally award-winning five-star hotels. Sani Resort offers suites with ultimate comfort and a very luxurious setting for an intimate stay as a couple or a very exclusive family vacation. And of course, your private jet is already waiting for you!

Each of Sani Resort’s five hotels has a unique personality with the beating heart being Sani Marina, its own marina, surrounded by exceptional boutiques, very luxurious bars and exceptional starred restaurants. You will stay in spacious one, two or three bedroom suites, exclusively customized to meet all your needs with in-suite amenities.
And if it’s not chic enough, you’ll also enjoy luxury upgrades there, such as a personal concierge and even priority booking at Michelin-starred restaurants!

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Unmatched service, every moment of the day!

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