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WAUWWW! In slaap vallen … onder het Noorderlicht!

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort! Just go search this name in Google, and indeed Wow! This is all to see and experience in this Finnish Lapland. For many people, it may remain a dream to fall asleep – in this warm ‘almost-outdoor’ air – with a view of the Northern Lights. And that after a day of actively ‘chilling’ like an Eskimo. All arranged, and by private jet in 4 hours … from front door to Igloo door!

Who wouldn’t want this? Spend the night in a glass igloo under the Northern Lights. During the day, go dog sledding through beautiful, snowy nature. And/or glide through the Lappish wilderness on a snowmobile and have experiences you will never forget! And for the kids among us … Santa Claus lives there, too!

By using a private jet you fly directly to and from the nearest airport, in this case Ivalo Airport, avoiding an extra transfer in Helsinki and being at the door of your own “fairy tale” Igloo within 4 hours.

Unmatched service, every moment of the day!

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