Empty legs: empty private jet flights

Flying a private jet affordable? It’s possible with Global Aviation through so-called ‘empty legs’. An empty leg means nothing more than an empty flight of a private jet that is set to be at a certain place at a specific time, and flies there without passengers.

Global Aviation has an extensive database – with last-minute updates- of these special private flights, containing hundreds of empty legs… worldwide!

empty legs

Economical flying in wonderful luxury… empty legs

It should come as no surprise that these flights can be booked at greatly reduced prices, but you can still enjoy all the luxury, service and the privileges that comes with flying private. If you provide us with your destination, we will do our best to see if we can fit your flight into the empty leg flight plan, which could be a very economical flight. Sometimes the difference can be as much as 50 % of the normal price. A good suggestion for a (spontaneous) upcoming holiday flight perhaps?

Characteristics of an empty leg

An empty leg flight, in addition to the financial benefits, also has some restrictions, since these private jets do not fly back for no reason on that particular day or on that particular time. However, we can of course take care of your specific needs during the flight. What are the characteristics of an empty leg?
  • It is always a fixed flight
  • You must adjust your flight schedule to this time
  • These are always one way flights, but this does not mean that we cannot offer a return as well
  • It is always a last minute flight, as an empty leg is announced only a couple of weeks before departure, at the most
  • If the original flight changes, your flight changes accordingly
  • The flight always has a very economical price
Click here for the request of an empty leg and mention in the ‘remarks’ that you are looking for an empty leg.
empty legs
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