"In 1 woord "SUPER"!
Ontvangst met champagne was goed geregeld, vlucht was prima in orde. Mede dankzij jullie zijn het voor mijn vrouw twee onvergetelijke dagen geweest."

Private jets

A weekend in Madrid or shopping in London? Impulsive or planned? By chartering a private jet, the fun begins when you arrive at the airport! You have the option of enjoying the VIP lounge for a flexible 15 minutes as we standby to take off when you are ready!

It is ‘by far’ the most efficient way of flying, as well as the best, most luxurious, most enjoyable, and more importantly – the most flexible way, ‘by a mile’! With your private jet, almost any (regional) airport becomes a point of departure or a destination!

Privejet verhuur

Don’t wait for us, we’ll wait for you

Do you have multiple locations to visit on your (tight) schedule or would you like to make a stop somewhere for a short visit? By chartering a private jet, Global Aviation will make sure everything aligns perfectly, with no restrictions in distance or places of departure and arrival; whether you wish to fly from Amsterdam to Paris, New York to Kansas or Singapore to Beijing.

Advantages of a private jet

At this point, your private flight has been arranged! Have you already thought about how you are going to pass the time during your flight? Maybe catch up on some sleep by taking a nap, reading a good book, a movie of your choice or an exclusive, romantic dinner accompanied by your favorite wine or champagne…. we can easily accommodate you. Flying a private jet does have one, pleasant, side effect. Once you become accustomed to the efficiency, VIP privileges and personal assistance of the friendly crew, flying business class or first class aboard an airliner will seem like a dull affair.

prive-jet verhuur
prive-jet verhuur

Some advantages at a glance:

  • Private jets fly from any airport to every airport near your destination
  • Pre-boarding arrival time at the airport is only 15 minutes before departure
  • You do not wait for the jet, your private jet waits for you
  • You can travel to multiple destinations in one day
  • Hotel stays are avoided
  • Children have freedom to roam on board
  • Even your dog or cat is allowed in the cabin
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