Purchase and sale of private jets

You fly a lot on scheduled flights, which means that chronic time loss travels along with you (for free). Maybe you find it annoying that not always the same jet and crew are at your disposal… or maybe you would simply like to own a private jet!

There are various reasons to take the purchase of a private jet into consideration. But then what?

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A private jet; buy, charter or lease

The consideration for chartering, purchase or lease of an aircraft depends on many factors. Global Aviation is perfectly capable of making a comprehensive analysis with you in which the frequency of flights, your destinations, and especially your personal preferences comprise a customized report that leaves nothing to be desired.

Know the market when buying/selling an aircraft

For this advisory function knowledge of the aircraft market is required. We have strong relationships with sellers, aircraft manufacturers and specialized financing institutions, which make all considerations when buying an aircraft easy to understand. Moreover, that also applies to the sale of a private jet! And take our word for it; the market (and choice) in private jets is larger than you think!

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aankoop vliegtuig verkoop vliegtuig

Our service does not end with the signature

Have you finally made ​​your choice for a particular type of aircraft? We will find the right aircraft for you in the global market. Of course, we can order a new private jet from the manufacturer. However, the used aircraft market also offers plenty of opportunities. New or used, in both cases the interior and exterior can be customized according to your wishes. And of course, our service does not stop after purchase. We provide total management of your private jet, if required. Please contact us for more information.
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